Sunday, April 15, 2012

Opps... Been a while

So, I've been busy.  Really busy. The kids are testing at school this week, we've been doing reports,  projects and lots of school related things.  I am on the yearbook staff as a photog and I have been helping wrap up the yearbook as well as doing book fair and other PTA related stuff.  Stuff I said I would NEVER do, I am doing it.  I have to.  I feel I have to contribute to our school which I will add, was a distinguished school this year Whoop!

Anyhow, I just got back from a relaxing weekend with moms.  Cabins in the mountains,  massages,  and NAPS! Did I says naps?  YES!  I took a nap.  I think the 1st real nap in 4 years.  I had a nice time and I think it will be an annual thing... But,  they do feed you massive amounts of food, so I am gonna have to keep that in check. I did do a small hike and some yoga while there though.

House hunting... The search is really beginning to get underway.  Our goal is buy a home and be moved by the end of Summer.  AND... drum-roll.... turns out we can afford to stay in the Rancho/Fontana and maybe even Upland area.  We don't have to go East bound toward Yuciapa. YES!!!  You don't know how much that excites me. I wasn't completely against it, but I knew it was not my first choice and I would not be really happy way out there.  We're going to hopefully see a couple homes this week.  One in Upland which is a smaller older home, but on a huge lot with a pool and is turn key and in our budget.  Another one is in North Fontana and is a huge 2900 SQFT home with a pool and 3 car garage, but it needs some work.  You know how assholes rip off shit.  So it needs AC condensers and a pool filter system, but it looks pretty clean.  It has my LOFT I want and it also has a walk in pantry and a nice kitchen living area. Plus it is a 5BD.  It's getting ready to go to auction, so we wanna get a feel for it and see if it is worth putting in an offer for before action and if they accepted,  we'd score big time.  PLUS,  its still in our district which is where we'd really like to stay.

Color run next week.  Should be fun.  I think there is 6 of us going.  Pics to follow after the race.

Only 5 more weeks left of school for the kids.  Trying to cram in class work and observations at preschools,  getting ready for the twins dance recital,  and our little vacations planned. The twins birthday party and Dave birthday is also in the works.  It's crazy non stop.  So really... no I have not focused on me.  I need to.

I did ride almost 30 miles last week though.  This week I have the same goal, only adding 2 days at the gym if I can squeeze it in.  Oh... and a day at the happiest place on Earth.  We've already gone 7 times this year, but I already miss it.

Still plugging away on MFP.  Well, not this weekend because I didn't have internet (and yes, I did survive), but back to the grind tomorrow.

Slow and steady wins the race.

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