Monday, January 21, 2013

New Year, New Beginnings

I can't believe I am going to be 34.  Sigh... How time has flown.  Dave and I will have our 6 year anniversary and we have been together almost 10 years.  Crazy!!

Anyhow, the next 3 weekends are filled with so much stuff going on.  We have our anniversary, the Surf City Half Marathon (which I will suck at) then we have our annual couples snowboarding trip coming up.  Loads of fun!  I can not wait!

We're in the process of mapping out our family trip for the Summer.  We really want to stay at the Great Wolf Lodge and have the girls spend the morning at the kids spa.  Downside,  this place is insanely pricey,  so our plans are still up in the air for now.

Anyhow,  Since I'm back in class and I am going to be a PT worker trough the school district (YES!!!,  I have a job... or so I think), Girls Scout mom, and of course class volunteer and PTA mom... I better cut this short because like everyone thinks SAHM's do, I have to get back to my wine and bubble bath.  ;-)  That remind me, I got into a debate with a working mom who was complaining about having so much to do as I always here, and I asked her if she wanted to trade me for a week and detailed my job description and that shut her up.  Some people... Eh,  it's hard work and not what I chose, but it's what works for now.

OH!!!!  I almost forgot I am getting back into the groove with food and hoping to add in runs this week!  it's on again.  Luckily, I didn't gain ALL my weight back, but I have a few lbs to take back off and then a few more to lose.  Tomorrow... Signing up for Disney run!!  Whoop, Whoop!!  I am thinking the Inaugural 10K. But if I want the kids to go, I have to do the 5K.  So I have to decide by tomorrow.  Did I mention we DID get season passes AGAIN?  My family is the BOMB.

Quick update on kids:

Halle- Getting A's and B's in school 3.2-3.5 average.  NBot to shabby.  No modifications and no RSP and considering she as tested with lower scores, she is holding her own. Starting Piano next week.  She is excited!!!
Audrie- Starting cheer next week.  Super excited.  Straight A's and reading at a low 2nd grade level.  She's rocking it.
Katlynn- Doing great in musical theater.  Moved up a group.  Still having probs adjusting to the pace of school, but she is doing okay.  They are really working with her and me.  She'll get there.

Okay that's it!

Smitty Over and Out!!!