Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Hitting a road block

I messed up my knee last week, so I haven't been able to run or train for a week now. I am planning on still doing the 10K at the end of the month. I am going to do some light jogging and some swimming in the meantime.

I had a friend post a quote today and I felt it was very true.

"Don't sit around and wait for someone else to make the change you want to see".

I think this goes for everything. You have to remove the toxic crap in your life and move on. Follow your dreams and pursue what you want out of life. I myself have a hard time with this. I always want to be so in control of everything I can't left other things go to pursue new ones. I mean I have gotten rid of a lot of drama in my life which is so much easier on me. Katlynn has also made so much progress that it is amazing to see her doing so well.

Anyhow, I am hoping I can get back into the groove this next week. I need to get in better shape.