Monday, January 31, 2011

Ran another 5K this morning

It's getting a little easier.  I even though I haven't seen much of a change on the scale (which I am sure is due to the fact I haven't really been watching what I eat much and building more muscle) I do know I have lost inches.  My size 31 Miss Me's are now loose on me and my wedding rings and even tops are getting looser.  I haven't gotten on the scale as I am waiting until next Monday, but I know once I really crack down on my food it will melt off.  It beats any diets and and spending any extra money doing something I can do own my own.  Heck, who would have thought I would be running 3-4 miles in less then 20 days?  My endurance is really building and I have started incorporating the weights in, so I know it will really start coming off soon... I hope.

Mind you, this is on top of volunteering, babysitting, cooking, cleaning, playing house, painting and play-doh, park play-dates, therapy and more therapy, dance classes, gymnastics and now horse riding lessons.We're not even talking about me thinking about more college courses.  My schedule is insanely hectic, but I have finally decided that this year is about "ME".  Only not in a superficial, high maintance type of way.. but simply getting off my butt and changing my life for my future and for the future of my kids and I am actually enjoying what I have accomplished so far.

Good thing is Dave is on board with me and really working on losing some weight and is training for 1/2 marathons.

It's exciting to know he is sticking by me and motivating me.  How'd I get so lucky to find such an awesome person to be my husband and friend?

Next year is my 5 year anniversary and we're going on a cruise somewhere tropical (hopefully) and I am going to we're a really cute swimsuit and sun dresses.

Thanks to my Haute Mommas, my family, and friends encouraging and supporting me.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Starting Over...AGAIN in 2011

So I was on a roll back in 2009 as you can see.  However, I sort of fizzled out when things got hectic with Katlynn and her new diagnosis with Autism.  Now... I seem to have pretty much gotten things under control and more routine and a little less chaos and I highly emphasize the word "chaos".  Things are still hectic here with Dave's ever changing schedule and the kids going in 3 different directions it seems. Also,  the fact I have taken on a daycare kiddo (what's 1 more when you have 3, right) has shifted our routine some.  But overall it's working out.

I started slowly but surely getting back into working out and eating well again.  Making it a point to either run or hit the gym at least every other day if not more often.  I am doing well.  I went from not being able to even run .20 miles to running 1.5-2 miles at a nice jogging pace.  To me, in just 2.5 weeks... that's not bad.  My goal is to be doing a 5K by the end of February. I signed up for 2-5K's in June 2011.  One if a Mud Run...  Fun, fun!

I have also lost 10lbs since 1/2/2011.  So not to shabby.  I figure by June I will be at my goal weight of 150 if I keep it up and I keep changing things up.  I mostly want my body fat down.  I want to have like a 18-19% body fat and be totally lean. I don't even care about the scale. I want to be lean and athletic looking.  So I have a long way to go.  Good thing is Dave is really on board and really trying too.  So that helps.

I will check back in sometime in Feb with weight, running stats and measurements and we'll see where I am.  Wish me luck!!