Sunday, July 29, 2012

Relaxing weekend!

Had a great weekend with the ladies.  Until our 4th annual trip next year...  Here's a bikini shot!

Monday, July 23, 2012

Count down to Palm Springswith

Got my swim suit (not my 100% favorite, but it will work for laying out)... Now I need some decent color!  We've recruited 2 new girls to go with Kara and Cortney and I.  Its a fun cheap weekend kid and husband free.  Basically,  we relax, read, sleep in, play games,  get pedicures.  Sometimes we go out, but this year our plan is just to stay in and not get all dressed up but just relax and hang out.  

Oh... and did I mention, I am in the 160's now?  Well,  169.2, but I am there. I have not been there since 2009, so I am a happy camper.  Only like 15-20lbs to go.  

Monday, July 16, 2012

Down a size (or two)

I was squeezing (and I mean that literally), into my size 32 Miss Me's and my size 12 pants 3 months ago.  Now, I am happy to say I am fitting quite nice ( even a tad loose) into size 30 pants.  That's a size 9/10 I am back into.  I am still going for a goal of a 7/8 and maybe even a 5/6.  But I am happy for now.  I have lost quite a few inches around since early May.  I retired all my 32 and 11/12 pants.  I wont go back there again.  those days are over.

Off to have coffee with my favorite ladies!  Yes... I saved calories to get my self a "skinny" mocha!

Getting my run in at the gym.  

Monday, July 2, 2012

Time consuming!!!

This new house (which I might add we don't own, YET) is taking up a lot of time and planning.  We've been getting estimates for laminate, tile and carpet as well as painting the whole inside.  I like yellow, but I do not love yellow, lol!! Appraisal is this week.  I'm crossing my fingers it goes smooth and we could have the keys as early as the 15th of July.

Haven't been to the gym much this week. In fact, only 1 day and I haven't really been counting calories all crazy like.  I figure, eh... Aunt flo is in town, I am busy with a million things and I can use a break.  Back on track in a day or two.  Not too concerned.

I will add a friend of mine is looking amazing.  She has lost a ton of weight (after a baby who isn't even a year) and she is training to do fitness shows or competitions.  She is always building so much muscle definition its crazy!  She is busting her ass and it is paying off. She is an inspiration.  Way to go friend as you know who you are!!!!!

Anyhow,  weight and measurements again next week for week 12.  We shall see where I am.

Here is a pic of the twins from dance recital on Friday night.... and of course my hunky husband!!! I ran around like a chicken with my head cut off that night as lead volunteer. I had like 100 little girls I was making sure were ready to go for multiple dances.