Monday, November 12, 2012

Family time

Seems that in the rush of our busy lives,  we often forget the little things.  The intimate times with our spouses and our children. The Smith family is no exception.  We are a busy family always on the good from sun up to sun down.

This morning instead of going to Disneyland (YES!! I did just say that), we decided to go on a family hike and do some geocaching.  We had a great time.  Halle loved it!  Not a peep or a complaint out of her the whole 5K.

We saw a tarantula,  a wood pecker pecking a tree, lizards and beautiful weather and mountains and the whole city.  We found 4 Geocaches too.  It was a great morning.  Totally worth skipping out of DL.  Even if we aren't renewing our passes.  ( Unfortunately, the kids activities are getting more and more pricey as they get better at them and as they get older....sigh)

And... I got a workout in.  Sort of!  D and are are going jogging in the AM too.  In fact, I better watch my housewives and hit the hay!

Anyhow... couple pics shot from the good 'ol phone!!