Sunday, April 29, 2012

It's on people, it's on!!

I am on a serious kick.  When I get on these kicks, I can drop weight pretty quick.  I did my measurements and BEFORE pictures a couple weeks ago.  So I will do new measurements and pictures in a couple weeks.  My goal is to be down down 10lbs by the Twins birthday May 15th.  More importantly,  a couple less inches in the waist, and chest and at least an inch in the hips, thighs and arms.  We shall see.

The pictures are not pretty and I don't have enough balls, to post them on here. I have another fitness group I am a part of where I post them, but I am not ready to blast the fat on the blog just yet.  give me time and it will all be worth it.  You will ... GASP!  I promise!

I have a pair of jeans I also tried on that I can not button and my goal is to button them by the twins birthday also.  I know once I can get going... there is no stopping me.

I am not realizing I want this for ME.  Not for anyone else.  I already have a man madly in love with me and is supportive in this.  I am trying to encourage him also.

I am finally getting my friends on board with running and getting fit and our goal is another boudoir shoot for the husbands.  We have TWO amazing photographers who have experience in this field and we've all agreed as friends we are going to do an over nighter and do shots once we all hit our goal weights.  It's exciting.  I am looking forward to it because I promised myself I will look twice as good in the next set as I did in the first.

Think I can't do it?  Try me!!!

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