Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Finally back at the gym

So I went to the gym last night.  Spur of the moment decision.  Started talking to a gal waiting in line for a class.  Turns out it was called MMA bootcamp.  She said it was intense, but I decided to try it. I will say this... I got my ass handed to me.  It was HARD,  very, very HARD.  I cant do it again for a while because of my school schedule, but I am hoping to pick it back up in the Summer since my class will be an am class.

I did lose 2lbs in the past 3 days.  I still have a bunch to go.  I am hoping to be down 15lbs by June and another 15 by August and the last 15 by November.  45 Flippin pounds.  That's what happens when you stop taking care of yourself and you focus on everyone else.

Still house hunting. Turns out we can afford more then then we thought, so we are FOR SURE planning on staying in the area which is super exciting.

I've got a busy next few weeks.  I am so ready to be done with classes and just enjoy the kids for a while. Oh, and of course the gym.  Go to the gym.  Maybe do some running since we will have the Color Run in Nov again.

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