Thursday, March 8, 2012


Well I surely haven't lost anything, but I haven't gained either.  I got my bike finally.  Not the one pictured either. I ended up with another one even more girly and more comfortable.  It's really cute.

Trying to sell enough stuff (when I say stuff I mean random stuff) so I can do a private personal training session with a FIT mom I recently met.  Just not in the cards for money or time right now.  Boo!!!

With K's therapy,  My school,  The kids dance,  Halle's social group, appts, and just everyday life like house keeping, parties, etc... There is hardly any time for anything these days.  I need a intervention from Pinterest too. lol.

Anyhow,  Got an A on my Math test and I think I will score high on my teacher interview, so that's always good news.

Now if only I could make some more ME time and get physical.... let's get physical!!!

Only 1 more week until Spring Break and our little family trip to the Grand Canyon.  The kids can't wait and I am excited to take this trip with them.

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