Saturday, March 17, 2012


I am so ready for this semester to be over.  Not that the next one is going to be any easier, but I am just ready for it to end.  Mid-terms this week.  Katlynn's IEP,  volunteer work for bookfair and yearbook.  Then there is Dance, social skills classes and a parenting class I am going to.  I did get to have coffee with 3 of my girlfriends the other night.  It was nice to catch up since our lives are so hectic these days,  we don't get together near as often as we used to.

I am still trying to figure out how to juggle everything and also try to focus on myself and my health.  I am clearly not where I want to be right now. I am trying to draw the line between my needs and those of my kids. I have always put them first and I feel if I don't I am wasting the precious time I have with them being little and giving them so much of me. I am probably the unhealthiest I have been in a few years or ever though.  I know my BMI is high and while I have gained some weight since Dave was sick and all and haven't really lost much, I just don't feel as healthy as I should.  I think the only good thing is I am not smoking.

5K next week.  I have not trained for it just like the 1/2, but I know I can run the whole thing... just slow.  Definitely not a run with a PR I want to hang onto.

Heading to the Grand Canyon on Monday for a little R&R and some family fun with Dave and the kids. It will be nice to get away with them with Dave actually being healthy this time.

Also looking forward to next Saturday.  Going to see Hunger Games with Cortney and Kara.  If you have not read the books, they are a MUST read.  If course Kara has not read them either, but just like with Twlight, she begrudgingly tags along with us to the movie premiers just for the girl time.  I just love her.

Anyhow.... aside from homework, I won't be doing any blogging until I am back from vacay.

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