Friday, January 27, 2012

So... I lied

I really thought we had an understanding about the whole flower thing... BUT,  he did get me flowers anyhow.  Thank you love!!  So sweet.  

And these are my new shoes (same style but different color as my other ones as I am on love with this shoe).  I went to one of those running stores last year where you have to run all over with several different pairs of shoes and after about 8 pair, I decided this was the style for me.  I am sure if I ever get into it more ( which I doubt) I will do something different.  But I picture myself saying a ran a half marathon, but sticking to 5K's.

I also got a new water bottle that holds more water... because when you are tryign to get fit AGAIN,  water is your best friend.  

I took my measurements last night. I was no a happy camper, but again... a lot has gone on the past 6 months and I am ready to finally get back to the 160's again like I was in 2009, here.   But ideally, I want to be even 5lbs lighter then that or have less body fat.

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