Thursday, January 26, 2012

Happy Birthday to me!!!!

I had a fabulous birthday yesterday, Minus the fact one of my little ones is under the weather.  I got some fabulous goodies from family and hubby!!  Thank you everyone!

Tomorrow is our 5 year anniversary.  We've been together almost 10 years... Craziness.  Anyhow,  in celebration,  I said NO flowers and nothing that I will not use and that will die.  No, no, No...  So,  we bought each other  new running shoes and stuff to get ready for our run.  I know,  Many be corny to some, but were not a materialistic couple and we are perfectly content spending time together doing this run.  Not every wifey has a husband willing to do runs with her... I am lucky.

Tomorrow,  my girlfriend and I are heading to Disneyland to get Audrie and Allie packets for their run on Sat  Should be really cute.  Stay tuned for pics.

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