Friday, April 16, 2010


Well, I tried on that damned dreaded dress again yesterday. The stupid thing still doesn't fit. Granite I have only lost 5lbs, but come on already. This girl wants some instant gratification.

Even if I have spillage over the back… if I could at least zip it, I would be ecstatic. Only got 6 more weeks until the day…. I think I should probably step it up. I did get up at 530am this morning and do the Shred DVD. My attempt to be finished in 20 minutes turned out to be 45 because the DVD was dirty and the damn thing kept sticking. I did complete it though, finally! I am going to attempt to do the P90X AB ripper tonight after the kids are in bed. I am sure it will kill me, but what else am I going to do besides sit on my arce and watch TV, read or clean. I will definitely pass on the third option.

I am going to do my measurements this afternoon so I can keep track that way also. The scale can be deceiving at times. Not to mention the less time I have to spend on there dreading the outcome the better.

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