Thursday, April 8, 2010

New me!!

Okay... I understand we are well into the New Year. My so called New Year’s resolution has gone to shit. I get it… and understand why people say making resolutions like losing weight are almost impossible until you have the mind set to do it.

Well, my mindset is still not 100% there. However, I think if I blog about it daily, maybe it will help me be accountable for my actions when it come to getting more fit.

First let me tell you I am not obese, but I am overweight. I could stand to lose a good 20-25lbs. I’m tall, so luckily I carrying my weight relatively well. Of course that is no excuse to finish off my toddler's chicken nuggets and binge on Easter candy… which I might confess I have been doing and doing WAY too often.

So my lovely cousin, Nicky asked me to be in her wedding which is fast approaching. I bought my dress 10 months ago when I was 16 pounds lighter. I know some of you might think I am lame, but it was on clearance and I honestly never thought I would be hit with some of the stressful things I was last year. The most devastating being my daughters Autism diagnosis. Things sort of went downhill from there. I am coming clean here- I took up smoking again… YES, I am freaking smoking and YES, I know what it does to your body. Trust me, I am aware of its affects and consequences. I have lost enough family to cancers and health problems, I know. But, right now, it works for me. I know I will quit. I have no intention to keep doing it for the sake of my family and myself. I stopped working out and started eating unhealthy. Okay, I got side tracked a little bit with this, but with all that said, the damn dress is a tad bit too small for me now.

So, starting today I am going to make changes. I am going to get fit and change my health for myself and for my family. I am going to share my progress and my experience making this change in my life and hopefully inspire someone else to do the same. I know there will be many ups and downs along the way, but I also know I am a strong person and I can do this.

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