Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Merry Christmas

Quick, very quick recap.

I have not worked out in a LONG time.  I am sure I have gained back 1/2 my 25lb loss.
I am a very busy mom with 3 lovely daughters who keep me on my toes with their smarts and activities.
Halle... Decided BAND was not for her.
Audrie... a Kindergartner reading at a high 2-3 grade level and doing 1st grade math.
Katlynn... Sweet as pie and loved by everyone.
Dave...busy bee... working all the time, but tries to play when he can.
Me... applying for jobs (I actually did my first interview in over 8 years and was offered the job today), but declined it because the schedule didn't fit my needs to provide for the kids.  I will probably be put on the sub list though,  so it's a foot in the door at a district that is hard to get into.  Taking classes again come January and also thinking of applying PT to 24 hour fitness.

Still getting out house in order, paying off things we had to pay to renovate the house before we moved in, and just living day to day.

I'm busy... that's the only thing I can say.  Still planning on doing the half marathon, although I am certain, I will only be running a small fraction of it.

But I am content.  Do I wish I hadn't gained back some weight.  If course, but I am not unhappy... just busy.

Here's a couple pics from our last trip to the Happiest Place on Earth for 2012.  We've deceived not to renew for 2013.  The kids are busy with school and sports or activities and we prefer to save that money for family travel.  The cost of passes for our family could pay for a lot of a really nice cruise or a trip back East.

Taken today 12/19/2012

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year friends.  See you in 2013.

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