Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Surf City Half Marathon

I am officially Mrs. Smith again for the 2013 Surf City run.

Have I trained at all... Hellz NO!

Do I plan to train.. of course, but planning and doing,  well we know it is 2 DIFFERENT things. I am up to my pits in work and I don't even have what some call a job (yes, the jealous haters who bash being a stay at home mom).  You might wonder if and how this is possible... Trust you me, it is.  I have been volunteering at least 15 hours a week at the school. Not to mention what I do from home.  Girl Scouts,  Dance,  Swimming,  Band, HOMEWORK... reading (because my rock-star 5 year old reads at a high first grade level already) and then there is just routine things like cooking, housekeeping, etc.  Oh.. and I Am lucky if I see the husband except Sat and Sun with his crazy work schedule.

You see... we're trying to pay off our other car,  be debt-free except the house and save for a couple family trips and an anniversary trip to Europe in 2017 . Then of course... we'll tackle the house buy the big kid a car and I BETTER be working by then.  lol.

Have I lost anymore weight.  NOPE.  I did get back to the 160's, but I have been hoovering there up or down about 3lbs since we moved here.

So that is all...

Randomness of a picture from the kids 50's dance.  My little model was not in the best of moods.  I think she was over stimulated... but still beautiful as ever.

Audrie and Halle showed off the mad Hula Skills!!

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