Saturday, June 23, 2012

Finally lose what I gained on Vacation

I am down 15lbs now.  I had a set back since I gained weight on vacation.  So I had to lose it all and then I lost 2lbs on top of it.  Not to shabby. I can finally wear my shorts now, I could not wear before.  I still have a lot to lose, but at least I am going down.

Planning the Palm Springs trip again.  We have 2 new ladies going this year, so it will be a fun experience.  Looking forward to it, even thought it is the same weekend we are schedule to possibly get the keys for the house (again providing everything goes smooth).  Then of course the following week will be crazy busy with the kids starting school,  me starting classes,  moving,  etc.

Couple Dr.s appts coming up.  a routine physical and a pap (oh joy) and then going to the dermo to have moles checked.  Fun times, but I am terrified of skin cancer and it runs rampant in my family.

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