Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Date Night!

Who doesn't love a date night.  We had a fabulous time ( a way too big dinner) and a great night together at Disneyland.  In fact,  we finally went to see World of Color and stood at the front for a perfect View.  Great night.
The Sexy Beast and I

They gave us a large instead of a small.  No I did not even eat a fraction of it.  I literally ate about 10 noodles.  I felt so wasting since I didn't take it home.  

Typical Summer,  I know. 

Now... off to a 15 mile ride. It's MNO tonight with the ladies.  Going to try not to eat like a cow since I ate way too much last night.

Oh, I am now down 13.5lbs.  Woot!!

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