Tuesday, August 14, 2012

What a BUST.

I am positive I have probably gained back 10lbs of the 21 I have lost.  Mostly due to stress,  chaos and my crazy life.  I swear to anyone who reads this ( if anyone does) and to myself I will be BACK on track as soon as we are settled in the new house.   Here is a glimpse of the floors that were being installed today.  

Also, my darling started school this past week.  Another stress. I went to classes today to try to get them all worked out and then back between both houses trying to get things done and completed.  HOPING to move this weekend.  HOPING!!!  

We are going on date-night with our friends also.  We need a break. I need a KID break. Dave has either been working, sleeping (although not enough) or working at the house so I have been managing the kids for the past 2 weeks non stop 24-7. I am over it!!!

Here are my princesses- 2 kindergarteners and a 5th grader!!  Crazy!!  No more babies.     

Audrie wasted no time jamming to music getting started on homework.  She loves her Ipod!!!  

And lastly,  because we are practically living at this store.  Here's one for kicks.  Ps.. I LOATH Lowes and Home Depot right now. 

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